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Make the most of your email network

A Personal CRM that analyses your email interactions, provides insights and helps you stay in touch with your key contacts 👫

We're already managing over 50'000 contacts


First, Privacy.

Your emails are not our business.

When you use a tool such as Nat, you entrust us with very private data. We take extreme care to protect the data you share with us through encryption and high security standards.

But we take it even further with your most private data: email content. To prevent the data from being abused or stolen, we don't touch it. We leave it where it belongs: in gmail. We only look at your email metadata. Learn more about how we use your data here.


✅ Why are we the best solution?

Automation & Actionable Insights

Through a combination of data analytics and gamification, we make understanding your interactions and staying close with your email network super easy and enjoyable! 

Investors get a visual overview of their network and can instantly track down the startups they've forgotten to stay in touch with, agencies easily find out who to follow up with to generate more referrals and many other clients build a stronger network using Nat.


We integrate with your favourite tools


Google Calendar*

Google Contacts


📈 Quantify your network and relationships

Analytics and the ability to monitor data about our lives is becoming increasingly important.

In the same way companies analyze data and set up metrics, You need to understand your contacts and network in order to take actions and improve.


They support us



Besides helping us acquire 100k AWS credits, Pioneer is providing us top-notch mentorship. Pioneer is also an early investor.



The EPFL has provided us with a cash grant as well as access to exclusive events that helped us tremendously in acquiring early users.

Inno Suisse  - Swiss Innnovation Agency

Inno Suisse has given us access to experienced startup coaches that we consult regularly to help us build our company's vision.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Data Safe?

Absolutely. We know how confidential email data is and take great care in protecting your privacy as well as doing our legal duty. We will never read the content of your emails or share them with anyone. Visit our Privacy page to learn more or email us at

Do You Sync with Whatsapp, SMS, ...?

No we don't unfortunately. Partly because of some technical limitations but mainly because it seems like people don't struggle to stay in touch with their Whatsapp friends. You only need to scroll down to find all the people you interacted with recently and follow up.

How Can I Invest in Your Startup?

Thanks a lot for your interest in us. Feel free to ping us at

Are You Currently Hiring?

Thanks for wanting to join us! We're really honored. Check our Careers page in the About Us section to learn more about current openings.

I Have Outlook, Can I Use Nat?

Not yet! We've made the decision to focus on Gmail users early on to save time and launch sooner. We'll get there eventually though.

How Can I Request a Demo?

Always happy to give a personal demo! Simply email us at